🎉 We just launched Cobo wallet v2 Beta version, supporting Cloud wallet and HD wallet at the same time! Use one mnemonic to manage multi-chain assets, and separate your fund with multiple accounts. What’s more, enjoy POS rewards provided by Cloud wallet, Download Now >>

Cobo Wallet
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Store and use digital currencies

Cobo is the best secure multi-asset blockchain wallet that you can bring everywhere you go.


1. Click the top right corner.

2. Select Safari Safari or other Internet Browser to open the page.

3. In the browser page, download/install Cobo Wallet.


Store your assets securely

Cobo ensures that digital assets under management are secure in both our cold and hot wallets.

Our proprietary technology automatically allocates to manage risk.

The security team hails from the leading companies in the world, monitoring threats around the clock.


Pay and use quickly

Transfer to other Cobo wallets for free, in a matter of seconds.

Intelligent algorithms optimize for the lowest fees for transfers.

We do the heavy lifting with the right partnerships for your convenience.

Have all your digital assets in your palm

Cobo supports major digital assets with many more in the pipeline.

Capture any market gains like forked coins in your portfolio, automatically.

Convert between different digital assets to rebalance your portfolio.