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Reward Rules

1. Reward is paid to addresses every morning at 8:00 AM (+0800).

2. At 8:00 AM, if accumulated reward exceeds 0.1 LBTC, rewards will be paid out automatically to the corresponding address.

3. Reward that is less than 0.1LBTC will be rolled over to the next payout cycle.

4. Starting May 27th, 2018, Cobo charges a 10% management fee for servers and operation cost.

LBTC Recommended wallet:

coboCobo Wallet, smart voting, 0% fees, annual rewards up to 300%+
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LBTC how to vote

First, download LBTC official light wallet from


Second, open Light Wallet, then vote for Cobo delegates.

The Cobo delegates is named after the prefix.