Cobo v4.3 Adding Crypto Index Funds

An easy option to grow your digital assets
Cobo Wallet • August 09, 2019


Cobo Wallet has been making strides towards including the best and most relevant coins so that we can become the best all-in-one multicryptocurrency wallet. This is why we are regularly updating our app, allowing our users to have even more to enjoy!

Our most exciting update is the addition of Crypto Index Funds (CIF). The CIF investment option in the Blockchain world is relatively new, but rapidly growing in popularity. At its core, the funds are a way to track a group of assets allowing users to diversify their portfolio, lowering their overall risks - compared to owning one volatile token.

We are dedicated to making it easy and convenient for our users to grow their crypto safely, and this is another option for our users, beside PoS and BitGrow. There will be two main ways to purchase the plans, which is through BTC and USDT. Starting as low as 1 share, worth 1 USDT, it is an affordable and convenient investment plan even beginner users can participate in. If you want to learn more about Crypto Index Funds, you can find our handy article here.

You can download our app in the Play Store and the App Store. Follow us on our Telegram and Twitter to hear more news about our wallet.

Certain regions will not be eligible for the Crypto Index Funds, please email to double-check your eligibility.

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