Cobo Version 4.0 Update

Version 4.0 is out now with a brand new interface
Cobo Wallet • June 17, 2019


The Cobo team is thrilled to announce the release of Cobo Wallet Version 4.0! The new version comes with some big changes to make it easier for users to grow and protect their crypto. When you update, you’ll notice that everything is new and shiny, with a streamlined interface and improved user experience.

We are changing a few things so users can find important things faster! Settings and preferences have been conveniently gathered under the ‘Me’ tab. Additionally, we’ve added a new feature where you will be able to hide, from prying eyes, how much crypto you hold.

There are also some bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

For more news, keep an eye out on our Twitter and Telegram for announcements. You can download the Cobo app on Google Play or on the App Store and experience the newest version firsthand.

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