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Cobo now supports Tron (TRX) freezing (Part 2 / 2)

Cobo Wallet • December 19, 2018


The following article is Part Two of the Tron series, focusing on the TRON Power, Bandwidth, and Energy.

Click here for Part One about Tron chain and its token architecture.

How do I get Bandwidth Points (BP)?

According to Tron, each Tron account receives around 5000 Bandwidth Points (BP) free each day. As aforementioned, for every transactions that involve TRC10 or TRC20 tokens, BP will be consumed as transaction fee.

If that’s not enough, users can generate BP by freezing their TRX by putting it essentially in cold storage for at least 3 days (meaning that the frozen TRX will not be able to use for transactions).

Your BP is calculated by the following ratio:

BP obtained = (TRX frozen) / (Total TRX frozen in the network for BP*43,200,00,000)

How do I get my Energy?

Likewise, Energy is used to trade for CPU resources, which allow smart contracts to operate on the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). At the time of writing, 1 Energy is equivalent to 1 microsecond of TVM usage. Since only TRC20 tokens allow for smart contracts and support TVM, only they require Energy for transactions.

Energy Obtained = (TRX frozen for Energy) / (Total TRX frozen in the network for Energy*50,000,000,000)


  1. When TRX is unfrozen, any leftover BP and Energy obtained during the freeze will be forfeited.

  2. Users cannot receive both BP and Energy when they freeze their TRX. Users can only opt for one. If you require both, freeze separate amounts of TRX with different accounts.

Are there other benefits for freezing TRX?

Yes, for every TRX freezed, users will receive one TRON Power (TP). TP is used for voting for supernodes (also referred to as super representatives).

1 TP =1 vote.

The Tron ecosystem uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism in which TP holders vote for the nodes they want as super representatives (top 27 individuals) or super representative candidates (top 127 individuals). The super representatives are then awarded the power--and reward--for generating new blocks on the Tron blockchain.

How it works:

  1. If you freeze 10 TRX, you’ll receive 10 TP. You can choose to vote for any or multiple representative(s).

  2. Your TP remains active (and your votes valid) so long as your TRX is frozen.

  3. Users can choose to change their votes at any point of time.

  4. Once that batch of TRX is unfrozen, the corresponding TP and any votes made with them will disappear. You will have to re-freeze TRX to earn TP and then re-vote.

How to freeze on Cobo Wallet:

  1. Store your TRX in Cobo HD Wallet.

  2. Tap on TRX in the HD Wallet.

  3. Select “Freeze TRX” and choose whether to receive Bandwidth Power (BP) or Energy.

  4. Freeze as many batches of TRX as you’d like to receive BP or Energy.

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