Cobo Wallet now supports QuarkChain (QKC) and staking dapp

We’ve added support for QuarkChain (QKC) and made Cobo Wallet the best wallet for staking your QKC!
Cobo Wallet, Quarkchain, QKC • April 15, 2019

Quarkchain Support

Announcing support for new projects is one of our favorite things to do at Cobo, and it’s especially fun when we get to be one of the first wallets to do so. It’s even more exciting when we get to announce that we’re supporting their incredible staking dapp in our recently-updated dapp store.

So it is probably pretty easy to see why we are so pleased to announce that our wallet now supports QuarkChain (QKC) and their staking dapp. Now you can securely store your QKC in your Cobo Wallet and you can easily stake it with just a few taps!

What is QuarkChain

QuarkChain is a secure, permissionless, scalable, and decentralized blockchain. The team has been focused since the beginning on a problem that many people are only now wising up to - how to scale a blockchain without sacrificing security. They project that their network will be able to move 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it faster than the well-used standard of 65,000 set by Visa.

“QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchains,” explains the QuarkChain White Paper. “We apply elastic sharding blockchains (shards) as the first layer, and a root blockchain as the second layer that confirms the blocks from the first layer.” Aside from their approach to securing a high number of transactions on-chain, the team has also employed elements of game theory to incentivize miners and prevent double-spending attacks. (Check out their full White Paper.)


How do I Stake my QKC?

One of the most frequent questions supporters of new projects like QuarkChain ask is: “What is the best way to stake my QKC?” If you’ve been updating your Cobo Wallet you’ve probably noticed the new look and sleek features of our dapp explorer. Now that we’ve redone the dapp explorer, it’s even easier to stake your QKC in Cobo Wallet. Check out our how-to guide for the full rundown on how simple it is to stake your QKC with Cobo Wallet!

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