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Cobo Wallet Beta Testers Wanted

Find bugs and get rewards.
Cobo Wallet, Beta Tester • March 21, 2019


During the last few weeks we have made a number of improvements on the backend, including a huge overhaul of our servers to improve app performance for our global users. Now we need help from our users to continue making improvements, so today we are launching the Cobo Wallet Beta Tester Program and are now accepting applications.

What does a Beta Tester do?

Beta Testers help us find bugs and test new features before we release new versions of the app. As a Beta Tester you can expect to get exclusive access to upcoming versions of the app and an opportunity to make suggestions on how we can improve the Cobo Wallet.

By reporting a bug or suggesting improvements to the Cobo Wallet team, you help us make a better app to empower crypto owners and you help us build a stronger blockchain ecosystem. In return, we give you great rewards.


When you report a verified bug you get Cobo Candy, which can be exchanged for in-app products like BTC BitGrow. Beta Testers can submit multiple bug reports and earn a nearly unlimited amount of CC.

In addition, our club of Beta Testers will receive early access to upcoming campaigns and events, BitGrow rewards, Boosts, and even discounts on the Cobo Vault. On top of these prizes, Beta Testers get exclusive access to a premium customer service channel as a thank-you from Cobo Wallet.

Do you qualify?

Interested users can apply by filling out the Beta Tester application.

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