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Cobo’s ATOM Giveaway

Use Cobo Wallet, Get 100 ATOM in our giveaway to support Cosmos!
wallet • May 13, 2019

About Cosmos

If the future will be built on blockchains, then the future will need a way for those blockchains to communicate with each other. Enter Cosmos.

Designed to be an ecosystem rather than one specific tool, Cosmos has been described as the “Internet of Blockchains.” The project, which is powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol named Tendermint BFT, allows independent blockchains to connect and communicate with each other.

As part of our mission to make it easy for everybody to participate in the blockchain-powered future, Cobo recently added support to our Wallet for this great project. We’re proud of making it incredibly easy for supporters to stake and grow their Cosmos (ATOM).

Now, to show our support for the Cosmos community, we’re launching a huge giveaway of ATOM for Cobo Wallet users. With just a few clicks you can stake your ATOM and start getting returns!

ATOM Giveaway

When you stake your ATOM using Cobo Wallet, we’ll give you .1% of the total amount you deposit, totally free, up to a limit of 100 ATOM.

Have friends that also understand how revolutionary Cosmos is? If you invite new users to stake their ATOM with Cobo Wallet, both of you will receive the rewards!

Why Stake with Cobo Wallet?

We keep our commission low so we can return the majority of the staking rewards to our users. The largest Cosmos validator right now, IØN, takes a 15% commission. Cobo, by contrast, charges a crazy 0% commission! What does that mean for ATOM holders? It means ATOM holders that use Cobo Wallet get higher returns on their staked ATOM, around 11% and sometimes higher!

In short - we make it easy to earn more ATOM. Download Cobo Wallet and get started.


  1. The event starts on May 14th at 12:00 (UTC+8) and runs until May 21st at 12:00 (UTC +8)
  2. Users participate in ATOM PoS and get total rewards of 0.1% the amount of ATOM staked in Cobo Wallet, with a reward limit of 100 ATOM.
  3. Rewards will be issued within 3 working days of the end of the promotion.
  4. Rewards are provided on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Participants can also earn rewards by inviting new users to register with Cobo Wallet and stake their ATOM. The inviting user will receive .1% of the invitee’s total participation amount. The maximum reward limit is 10 ATOM.
  6. This reward is limited to users who are registered and participating in ATOM staking, and do not include users who registered outside the event period.
  7. Referral awards will be issued within 3 working days after the end of the current week.
  8. Cobo Wallet reserves the right to disqualify any participant and withhold rewards for any reason.
  9. If the ATOM deposit is withdrawn from PoS before the end of the period, the corresponding rewards will not be awarded.

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