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Version 3.12.0 out Now!

The latest version of Cobo Wallet includes a new wealth feature
#Cobo Wallet #3.12.0 • March 01, 2019


Three types of Boosts are available to meet different user needs. Principal Boosts give users more starting capital for BitGrow, Rate Boosts give higher return rates, and Limit Boosts will offer temporary increases in BitGrow maximum amounts.

For example, if a user wants to try out BitGrow 30 Days and commits 0.5 BTC of their assets, a Principal Boost can give them an additional 0.5 BTC to invest, for a total of 1 BTC! For the first three days of BitGrow, the user receives interest on the total 1 BTC amount before the 0.5 BTC returns to Cobo Wallet for the remainder of the BitGrow program.


In the future users can also earn Boosts during holidays and special events – be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group to stay up-to-date on all our product announcements.

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