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#Cobo Wallet #3.13.0 • March 19, 2019


The bears are still in control of the cryptocurrency market, and BTC just keeps hanging on just under $4,000. But that’s only the headlines - keen observers can see a huge amount of work that projects are putting into advancing us all towards a blockchain-powered future. The past couple of weeks have also seen the launch of long-anticipated mainnets for IOST and IoTeX, both projects with a clear vision and plan for development.

At Cobo Wallet our only plans for the bear market are to keep building our app and empowering our users to grow and secure their crypto assets. We’ve released Version 3.13.0 of our app with some new features that will give more people the ability to easily manage their digital assets. Two of the biggest ones we are adding in this update are support for IOTX staking and the ability to exchange Cobo Candy for Boosts in our market.

IOTX Staking

Behind the scenes of our app we have a team of engineers working with blockchain projects to use our expertise to help power their chains. We manage dozens of nodes for projects like DASH, VeChain, and others. We’ve recently been elected as a Consensus Delegate for IoTeX, and we’re launching support for IOTX holders that want to stake their assets using Cobo Wallet!

Our gains are our users’ rewards! When you stake with Cobo Wallet you get 1-click access to higher returns all while helping the IoTeX keep their chain secure. If you’re holding IOTX and still on the fence, now is a great time to start staking with Cobo Wallet and growing your crypto.


Get More Boosts

We launched Cobo Boosts a few weeks ago in Version 3.12.0 due to high demand for more asset management tools. Now, we’ve made it even easier to acquire those Boosts by introducing them into our Cobo Candy (CC) market. Some of our Cobo Wallet fans have been completing Missions and earning tons of our in-app reward points. We’re now offering Boosts in the Market so that our users can exchange their hard-earned Cobo Candy for ways to grow their crypto even faster.

Upgrade to the newest version of Cobo Wallet - 3.13.0 - by finding us in the Google Play Store or in the App Store and check out all of the improvements and new features!

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