Cobo Wallet Updates

Version 3.15.0 out now with new PoS Boosts
Cobo Wallet • April 19, 2019


The newest version of Cobo Wallet is out now with some cool new features and fixes to help you grow and protect your crypto.

First, we are introducing brand new Boosts, this time for our IOST, XZC, and DASH Proof-of-Stake (PoS) products. These Boosts can be used at the time of staking to increase your overall returns - you can find them on the ‘My Finance’ page. Because Cobo was built for users to grow their digital assets in a safe and easy environment, these new Boosts will give our users even more ways to grow their holdings.

We also optimized the interface and fixed some bugs here and there, taking large strides towards our goal to make Cobo Wallet the most user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet in the world.

Stay tuned for exciting news and download Cobo Wallet now from the Google Play Store or the App Store to see everything we have to offer!

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