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Cobo Wallet Supports BTT Airdrop

TRX holders to receive BTT airdrop in Feb
#BTT #Cobo Wallet #TRX #airdrop • January 22, 2019


BTT is a new project, launched jointly with TRON Foundation, with a focus on creating “a token-based economy around the usage of networking, bandwidth and storage on hundreds of millions of computers on the internet,” according to the project’s white paper.

Users that wish to participate in the BTT airdrop should store their TRX in their Cobo Wallet before the airdrop, which is currently estimated to take place on 11 February. Users can also stay updated on the airdrop by following Cobo Wallet on Twitter.

Cobo Wallet users that have deposited TRX in their wallets will automatically receive the BTT airdrop - no action required. Users that currently have their TRX locked into the BitGrow TRX 30 Day product, however, will not receive the BTT airdrop. For more on the BitTorrent Token project, check out their website.


Cobo has been a strong supporter of TRON and was the first to fully support the Dapp ecosystem. Cobo Wallet also maintains three TRX Super Representatives and offers users a variety of ways to earn TRX just by using the wallet.

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