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Passive Income with Cobo Wallet: Introducing BitGrow Flexi

Grow your Crypto in the bear market with minimal commitment.
Cobo Wallet • December 14, 2018


Today, Cobo is proud to introduce BitGrow Flexi, where users can grow and withdraw their digital assets any time.

What is the difference between BitGrow Flexi and BitGrow [30D]?

About a month ago, Cobo introduced BitGrow [30D], a low-risk asset management plan that gives users stable returns of their cryptocurrency through quantitative transaction trading.

Similar to BitGrow [30D], users can transfer their idle digital assets from the Cloud Wallet to BitGrow Flexi to grow their digital asset.

Unlike BitGrow [30D], BitGrow Flexi has no minimum deposit and users can withdraw at any point of time. Apart from that, BitGrow Flexi rewards are tabulated daily.

BitGrow Flexi also supports many more cryptocurrencies like EOS, ETC, ETH, LTC and USDT.

How do I use BitGrow Flexi?

If you are not a Cobo user yet, please download Cobo Wallet and register an account with Cobo.

For existing users,

Step 1: Open Cobo Wallet and click on Finance tab.


Step 2: Simply choose any Flexi-Plan or Tap on BitGrow.


Step 3: Start growing your cryptocurrency through BitGrow.


Transfer Rules

  1. At any point of time, users can transfer their digital asset from Cloud Wallet to BitGrow Flexi.

  2. For deposit before 08:00 (GMT + 8) on T day, T day payout will be rewarded; Any deposit after 08:00 (GMT + 8) on T day will only receive daily payout starting from T+1 day.

  3. For withdrawal before 08:00 (GMT+8) on T day, withdrawal will take effect between 08:00-10:00 on T+1 day. Any withdrawal after 08:00 (GMT+8) on T day will only take effect between 08:00-10:00 on T+2 day.

Deposit Limit

  1. Each BitGrow Flexi plan has a total purchase cap. For example, ETC BitGrow Flexi pool only accepts a total of 1000 ETC.

  2. Each user can only purchase a limited amount of cryptocurrencies per BitGrow Flexi plan. For example, user can only purchase a maximum of 2000 for EOS BitGrow Flexi.

Terms and Conditions

Cobo reserves the right to final interpretation of BitGrow related rules, calculation, and other procedures.

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