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Cobo BitGrow Opens New Round

Introducing BitGrow Flexi and a special offer for new users!
Cobo Wallet • January 03, 2019


The overall cryptocurrency market has been stuck in a bear market rut since early 2018. Despite several bullish signals across the year, the bull fails to outrun the bear time after time, plunging crypto investors and traders into despair.

Every bear market is a test of crypto’s foundational strength. Usually, predominant chains like BTC will be less affected due to their strong followings and experienced technical teams that support each project. The stability of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other established projects is why many cryptocurrency investors hold a large part of their assets in these coins during a down market.

Cobo Wallet now offers an opportunity for crypto investors and traders to grow their assets safely and securely using our BitGrow Fixed plan or our BitGrow Flexi plan. Crypto owners can earn BTC rewards while using their Cobo Wallet app to store their BTC.

Cobo Wallet’s BitGrow BTC plan comes in two flavors - Fixed and Flexi. The BitGrow Fixed plan, with its 30-day lockup period and a higher rate of returns, is suited for long-term Bitcoin holders while BitGrow Flexi allows active traders to withdraw at any time, with rewards increasing the longer you store your BTC.


Want to check it out? Open your Cobo Wallet app and get started earning! The full rules are available in our app and at the bottom of this page.

If the current round is closed make sure to sign up for notifications about future rounds of BitGrow.

What is BitGrow?

BitGrow is a value-added service offering low-risk crypto asset management plans. It is managed by a team formerly at first-tier hedge funds and investment firms, including Citadel, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, AQR, BGI, GSA, as well as AI companies, such as Google’s AI department. Our trading strategy is built around a conservative arbitrage strategy optimized to take advantage of fluctuations in crypto prices in various markets.

What are my options with BitGrow?

BitGrow offers two flavors so that there’s a product to meet every crypto owner’s needs. BitGrow Fixed required a 30-day lokcup period and currently has sign-up options for returning users, newcomers to Cobo Wallet, and VIP users. Read the full rules for BitGrow Fixed.

BitGrow Flexi is our newest offering for traders and Bitcoin holders that want more flexibility with their assets. With no lockup period you can withdraw your assets any time you want to, but you generate smaller returns than BitGrow Fixed. The longer you store, the more you earn! Read the full rules for BitGrow Flexi.

When will the market reverse?

In 2013, Bitcoin’s bear market lasted for 91 days; in 2014, 632 days. However, every bull run in Bitcoin has always outrun the bear market, be it on the basis of duration or price.

From Dec 2013 to Jan 2015, Bitcoin’s price fell from USD 1163 all the way to a rock bottom of USD 152 (a 86% decline). If users had purchased BTC at USD 152 back then and sold at the BTC peak price of close to USD 19,000, the profit would have been over 120 times the original investment.

Crypto users will need a safe and secure crypto platform to safeguard their digital assets during this slow and bearish market. To date, Cobo Wallet has helped its users to grow their digital assets through staking, smart voting, and BitGrow. Cobo Wallet will continue to strive to be the world’s best cryptocurrency wallet, providing support for PoS staking, asset management plans that cover PoS and PoW projects, and the most secure wallet on the market.

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