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Cobo Wallet Launches BitGrow TRX

New features allow Tron fans to easily grow their crypto with Cobo Wallet
Cobo Wallet • January 10, 2019


Announcing BitGrow TRX

At Cobo we believe that the future will be powered by blockchain and we are focused on building products that make it easy and safe for everybody to be a part of that future. That guiding idea is part of why we work closely with projects like the Tron Foundation, and why we were the first major cryptocurrency wallet to support the DApp ecosystem.

Now, we have more exciting news for the more than 500,000 people who use Cobo Wallet - our popular BitGrow program is opening for holders of TRX for the first time. What does that mean for TRX holders? It means you can grow your assets just by using Cobo Wallet.

For this first round of the new BitGrow TRX we are offering some steep reward rates - up to 18% per annum for the BitGrow 7 Days and 12% for BitGrow 30 Days! You can read the full details about BitGrow TRX 30 Days and BitGrow TRX 7 Days on the Cobo Wallet website.

What is Cobo Wallet?

Anyone who wants to take advantage of BitGrow TRX will need to first download the official Cobo Wallet app, available in the Google Play Store, in the iOS App Store, and on our website.

How do I join BitGrow TRX?

Joining the BitGrow TRX program is simple. Just open your Cobo Wallet and head to the “Finance” section. There you’ll first choose “BitGrow” and then “Fixed Term Plan” where you will find the 7- and 30-day options for TRX!


What is BitGrow?

BitGrow is a value-added service offering low-risk crypto asset management plans. It is managed by a team formerly at first-tier hedge funds and investment firms, including Citadel, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, AQR, BGI, GSA, as well as AI companies, such as Google’s AI department. Our trading strategy is built around a conservative arbitrage strategy optimized to take advantage of fluctuations in crypto prices in various markets.

What else can I do with my TRX in Cobo Wallet?

If a managed wallet is not your style, we also have options for users of our HD wallet. You can freeze your TRX and generate Energy and Tron Power.

More details about that on our blog post about the subject:

Cobo supports TRX Freezing Part I

Cobo supports TRX Freezing Part II

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