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Earn Prizes with Cobo Candy

Cobo Wallet • December 29, 2018

We’re proud to announce a new rewards feature in Cobo Wallet for users through which you can earn rewards, such as free tokens, higher staking rates, and a bunch of other prizes!


What is Cobo Candy? Cobo Candy (CC) is our official rewards point system, and can be used across all Cobo products and platforms to obtain various perks, gifts, and special promotions. You can earn Candy by completing in-app missions, tasks, and inviting friends to sign up with Cobo Wallet.

For a limited time, Cobo Wallet will reward both you and your friends with a sizable 300–500 CC bonus for joining the ecosystem. Furthermore, if your friend refers someone else, all three of you will receive more Candy! Earn 300 CC for each direct invite, 150 CC for each second-degree invite (friend-of-your-friend), and 50 CC for third-degree friends! There is no limit to the amount of CC you can earn for inviting friends, all of which can be used to earn rewards like free BTC, ETH, and EOS, or other limited-time prizes. No purchase is necessary to participate.

Step #1: Log into your Cobo Wallet account

If you don’t have an account yet, download the app: Android, iOS.

Step #2: Click General

Click the red gift box in the top left-hand corner, or go to “General” on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


Step #3: Click “Invite and Earn more CC” and then Share your personal URL

Choose the way you’d like to share your invites! To maximize the number of Cobo Candy you receive, email it to family & friends, share it on social media accounts, Facebook, Email, Wechat, WhatsApp, etc.


Step #4: Wait for people to use your link

When someone clicks your link, they will be brought to a Cobo sign-up page: When they register, they will be tagged with your referral ID. Once they complete the signup process, you’ll both receive your Cobo Candy.

Step #5: Receive your Candy

Your dashboard will indicate how much Candy you’ve earned. Remember: you earn Candy for direct invites, invites of invites, and even invites of those invites! There is no limit to the amount of Candy you can earn, and that means that you have endless opportunities to earn prizes on Cobo Wallet.

As a reminder: Please do not spam your referral link. We reserve the right to authenticate users, weed out bot accounts, and to have final interpretation of all rules and program details. If you have questions about the referral program, please feel free to reach us here!

To download, click the links below

Android | iOS

Cobo Candy FAQ

What is Cobo Candy/CC?

Cobo Candy (CC) is Cobo Wallet's new referral points system. It is not a coin project. The Cobo Candy points system was launched on the 22nd of December. We will hold events in which users will have opportunities to redeem CC in exchange for cryptocurrencies or other rewards.

How can I use CC?

We will hold more events in which users will have opportunities to redeem CC in exchange for crypto token prizes, in-app benefits, or other rewards. Please check the Cobo Wallet app for notifications about upcoming events.

Can I exchange CC?

No, Cobo Candy (CC) is Cobo Wallet's new referral points system. It is not a coin.

I referred my friends but my CC isn’t appearing

You must make sure that your friends have successfully registered. If your friend has confirmed that their registration was successful and your CC still isn’t appearing, please go to text and open a support ticket.

I successfully registered but did not receive my funds. What should I do?

In rare instances, it can take up to a few hours for your funds to appear in Cobo Wallet (due to slow block times and other blockchain-related issues). If they still haven’t appeared after 24 hours, please go to text and open a support ticket.

Do the accounts I refer have to be real?

Yes. Accounts sharing the same phone number, government-issued ID, device, or any other quality/factor indicating that they belong to the same person will be treated as a single account. Accounts that exhibit behavior indicating that they are not genuine users may be suspended. Cobo reserves the right to suspend accounts or withhold referral rewards for accounts engaged in suspicious or fraudulent behavior.

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