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Big Updates from Cobo Wallet

V3.10.0 is packed with new features!
#cobo wallet • January 29, 2019


At Cobo Wallet, we're working hard to make the best cryptocurrency wallet that makes it easy for everybody to grow and protect their crypto. We have added awesome new features to the app and support for new coins so that our users will have even more reasons to love Cobo Wallet!

Now users can earn Cobo Candy (CC) by completing in-app missions, they can convert their Cobo Candy into crypto in the Candy Shop, and they can store even more coins in Cobo Wallet! We’ve also included a chance box that allows users to use their CC to enter a special event to earn Bitcoin (BTC). Check out the highlights from Cobo Wallet version 3.10.0 below and then update the app to the newest version to start using these features.

Cobo Candy Shop:

This has been Cobo Wallet’s most anticipated project since we launched Cobo Candy, our in-app reward points. Users are now able to use their hard-earned CC in the new Cobo Candy Shop. The new update gives Cobo Wallet users the ability to redeem their CC for crypto prizes in the Candy Shop. Also, the new chance box will give users the option of using their CC to have a shot at winning huge prizes! But wait, there's more!

Cobo Mission Center:

The new Cobo Mission Center is a function that allows users to complete tasks listed under “Mission Center” to earn more CC. New tasks will be released regularly - the harder the mission the bigger the CC prize.

CyberMiles Token:

The highly demanded CyberMiles Token (CMT) is now supported by Cobo Wallet. CyberMiles Token is a blockchain-based utility token that has a smart contract platform which is aimed for e-commerce projects. Open your app and start securing your CMT in Cobo Wallet!

Krypton (KETH):

The new update also added support Krypton (KETH) in the HD Wallet. The Krypton project aims to launch mobile mining and smart contracts, and it aims to create a sandbox virtual world based on the blockchain.

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