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Cobo Wallet launches IoTeX Consensus Delegate Bid

Cobo Wallet plans to support IoTeX
#cobo wallet #IoTex #Delegate • March 01, 2019


At Cobo Wallet, one core part of our mission is to help our users grow their crypto. That’s why we were one of the first mainstream wallets to offer POS staking pools and why we’re always working hard to support new and promising projects like IoTeX.

As internet-connected devices become more important in our daily lives and in industrial settings, IoTeX offers a scalable, privacy-centric blockchain for the Internet of Things. The IoTeX team has developed a Roll-DPoS consensus algorithm and privacy-preserving technologies that help to address challenges in the Internet of Things space.

We are excited to announce that Cobo Wallet will be supporting IoTex and intend to become a Delegate and help the network maintain consensus, and spread project awareness, organize initiatives. With our experienced team and commitment to passing on staking rewards to users we hope to help even more people grow and protect their IOTX (soon to be IOX!)

Cobo Wallet users will be able to stake their IOTX and earn up to 40% annual returns. The process is simple and straightforward, offering users our team’s years of experience to offer the simplest, most-secure multi currency staking wallet in the world.

Our ambition is to become one of the top 36 IoTeX Delegates – a Consensus Delegate – so that we can pass on even more mining rewards to our users. As a Delegate, Cobo Wallet offers several advantages to IOTX holders, including a one-click voting solution, maximized rewards from the IoTeX network, and a track record of success at managing PoS nodes with other projects.

Cobo Wallet makes it easy to stake your crypto, earn rewards, and grow your assets. Cobo Wallet already supports IOTX and will cooperate with IoTeX through the IoTeX Mainnet launch and token swap. IOTX holders who are interested in growing and protecting their crypto can download Cobo Wallet for iOS or for Android and then deposit their IOTX.

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