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Big Updates for Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet v 3.14.0 out now
Cobo Wallet, update • April 01, 2019

We’re releasing a new version of Cobo Wallet today, packed with some under-the-hood improvements and some shiny new features for all of our users.

Cobo Wallet isn’t just a great app for growing your cryptocurrency, it’s also the best way to use your assets to make payments. We’re making it even easier to use your cryptocurrency with, and you can now use the Lightning Network to make fast transactions with your Bitcoin. We’ve been testing it rigorously so that our users can use it with confidence – our first real-world purchase was, of course, pizza!


One of the first things you’ll notice in 3.14.0 is that we’ve completely redone the dapp interface. Dapps, or distributed applications, are a top development focus for many projects in 2019, and Cobo Wallet has made it easier to find and use your favorite dapps. In addition to revamping the interface we’ve also added support for IOST’s dapps, which you can find in the app alongside the dapps running on Ethereum and Tron that we previously supported.

In the background we’ve also included a huge upgrade to our HD wallet. This update includes multi-signature support for even more coins, including Ethereum (ETH), full support for IOST on the HD wallet, and a bunch of optimizations. You should notice a big boost in performance and stability.

You’ll need to update to the latest version of the app in order to experience the improvements for yourself - head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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