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Cobo Spring Festival Promotion

We’re celebrating the new year with our largest event ever!
#Cobo Wallet • January 29, 2019

We are celebrating the beginning of the lunar new year with a huge new promotional event and some new in-app features that are going to help Cobo Wallet users realize the full potential of a prosperous year.

After users update to the newest version of Cobo Wallet (3.10.0 - available for iOS and Android they can automatically join the event. We have four main events planned, each slightly better than the last!

  1. EOS Red Packet Giveaway
  2. Send-a-packet ETH rewards
  3. 2019 Spring Festival BitGrow
  4. Twitter Cobo Candy Event



To kick start the 2019 Spring Festival, we will be giving away EOS everyday from from February 1 to February 5. Everybody is a winner with our EOS giveaway - if your daily red packet doesn’t contain EOS you will receive 200 Cobo Candy. What is Cobo Candy good for? Well, you can turn it into cryptocurrencies you love! More about that in our post on the new features in Cobo Wallet version 3.10.0.


Spring Festival is a time for family, friends, and sharing red packets full of money. If you share the crypto love by sending Cobo red packets of your favorite coins to your favorite people you can get ETH back from us.

Whenever you send a red packet to somebody who signs up for Cobo Wallet you will enter into a pool for 201.9 ETH. The more red packet referrals you make, the more ETH you get back! (Note: This event is only available to users who send red packets to friends via WeChat.)

2019 Spring Festival BitGrow

This Spring Festival marks the beginning of the Year of the Pig, which is said to be a symbol of good fortune. We’re hoping 2019 is also a year that involves some bulls, but we’re pretty excited about the pigs too. Cobo Wallet is sharing the good fortunate with our users this Spring Festival with the biggest BitGrow round we’ve ever had with the highest rates we’ve ever had. How does 24% sound?


Twitter Cobo Candy Event

Join the Cobo Spring Festival event and win additional Cobo Candy just by sharing on Twitter. Share a screenshot of any of your prizes from this event with us on Twitter - be sure to tag us with @Cobo_Wallet to enter. Five lucky Twitter followers will win 10,000 Cobo Candy each!

How do I join?

Download the app and you’re in! Happy Spring Festival to all of our Cobo Wallet users.


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