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Cobo Crypto Christmas

Over $150,000 USD worth of gifts!
Cobo Wallet • December 25, 2018

Cobo Wallet users can win Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, bluetooth speakers, and even a Nintendo Switch during our 2018 Cobo Crypto Christmas event!

Participants unlock access to prizes by earning Cobo Candy, our newly-launched Cobo Wallet in-app point system. Users earn Cobo Candy when their friends try out Cobo Wallet, with each level of the event requiring greater amounts of Cobo Candy.


After updating to the newest version of the Cobo Wallet app, users will automatically be invited to participate. Use the links below to upgrade and you’ll be one step closer to great Cobo Crypto Christmas gifts!

Upgrade to the newest version of the Cobo Wallet app to earn Cobo Candy and win prizes!


Cobo’s Crypto Christmas event has more than $150,000 USD worth of merchandise and cryptocurrency for users that invite their friends to try out Cobo Wallet, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, bluetooth speakers, and Nintendo Switches.

Official Rules

Date and Duration of Event Begins: 12/22/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8) Ends: 12/25/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8)

Eligibility 1) No purchase is neccessary. Purchases will not increase your chance of earning a prize.

2 )This promotion is not available to users residing in the following jurisdictions: the United States, Canada, European Union, England, and Australia. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

3) Participation in this event is limited to users of Cobo Cloud Wallet Version 3.8 and above.

How to Participate

1) Earn at least the minimum Cobo Candy (“CC”) required for each prize round within the time period allotted.

2) Each registered user account has only one opportunity per round to earn a prize. Each account can earn up to three prizes total.

3) Accounts sharing the same phone number, government-issued ID, device, or any other quality indicating that they belong to the same person will be treated as a single account.

4) Cobo reserves the right to final interpretation and to amend rules regarding eligibility, usage, redeemability, and other features of Cobo Candy (Candy, CC). If you violate the event rules or engage in unlawful or unethical behavior (e.g., money laundering, misrepresenting oneself as multiple users, create fake accounts, etc.), Cobo reserves the right to render void all of the CC and/or prizes you have earned and to revoke your ability to participate in this and future events hosted by Cobo.

Prize Rules

1) Users must earn enough Cobo Candy ("CC") during the specified event time period to be eligible for each round of prizes ("gifts").

2) Users will become eligible for First Round Gifts on 12/22/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8). To be eligible, users must collect at least 900 CC. First Round Gifts include the following options: 0.005BTC, 0.05ETH, 2EOS, 5TRX, 100 CC, Cobo-branded Humidifier, Cobo Vault 10% off coupon, and a Cobo VIP pass.

3) Users will become eligible for Second Round Gifts on 12/23/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8). To be eligible, users must collect at least 6000 CC. Second Round Gifts include the following options: 0.005BTC, 0.05ETH, 2EOS, 5TRX, 200 CC, Cobo-branded Bluetooth speaker, Cobo-branded Humidifier, Cobo Vault coupon, and a Cobo VIP pass.

4) Users will become eligible for Third Round Gifts on 12/24/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8). To be eligible, users must collect at least 9000 CC. Third Round Gifts include the following options: 0.01BTC, 0.2ETH, 10TRX, 300 CC, Cobo-branded Bluetooth speaker, Cobo Vault, Nintendo Switch, and a Cobo VIP pass.

5) After the end of the event on 12/25/2018 at 12:00 (UTC+8), users will no longer be eligible for prizes relating to this event. If users do not claim their prize(s) before then, the prizes will become forfeit.

6) Prizes will be distributed within the time period of each round. Non-digital prizes will be distributed shortly after winning users contact customer support and provide their details and shipping information.

7) Users who have earned prizes will be notified via in-app notification.

8) Cryptocurrency-related prizes can be viewed in users' Cloud Wallet accounts under 'Assets.'

a) Cobo Candy-related prizes can be viewed under 'General' in 'My CC.'

b) For other prizes, please contact

Cobo Candy Details

Cobo Candy Earning Schedule

a) First Degree Invites: Earn 300CC for each referred user who registers. Earn 3000CC if they store coins in Cobo Cloud Wallet.

b) Second Degree Invites: Earn 150CC for each referred user of your first-degree invitees. Earn 15000 CC if they store coins in Cobo Cloud Wallet.

c) Third Degree Invites: Earn 50CC for each referred users of your second-degree invitees. Earn 500CC if they store coins in Cobo Cloud Wallet.

d) New users earn 5000CC for storing crypto in Cobo Cloud Wallet for the first time.

2) New user registrations must be for Cobo Cloud Wallet. Referred registrations to Cobo HD Wallet are not eligible for Cobo Candy points.

3) There is no minimum required for first-time deposits into Cobo Cloud Wallet. The coins must come from a third-party address, not Cobo Cloud Wallet.

4) Only CC earned during this event is eligible. CC earned prior to the start of this event is not eligible to be counted toward prize eligibility minimums.

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