Use Cobo Wallet, Get $GRS

12,000 GRS Giveaway
Cobo Wallet • July 03, 2019


Long-time fans of Cobo Wallet know that we move fast and work hard to develop the best cryptocurrency wallet for our users. So when we ran across a cryptocurrency project that moves as fast as we do, it caught our attention. That’s why we’re excited to announce support for Groestlcoin (GRS) and the launch of a huge giveaway with their team! From July 3rd to July 10th, you will be able to deposit and stake in Cobo Wallet to win 12,000 GRS. By using Cobo Wallet, not only are you growing your digital assets with our native staking, but you are also winning extra GRS!

About GRS

Launched in 2014, Groestlcoin releases new updates every 3 months to create a lightning-fast coin with almost zero fees. Due to its ASIC-resistance, they are able to provide a fair and truly decentralized network for all miners. GRS is also the first coin to support SegWit addresses and the Lightning Network, achieved because the developers work tirelessly to push consistent and powerful updates.

So how do I win?

If you are not yet a Cobo user, you can download our app on Google Play or in the App Store. You need to deposit at least 100 GRS to Cobo Cloud wallet to enter.

First, our Staking Rewards:

1) The top 3 users with the most total amount staked will divide 5000 GRS.

2) All other eligible users will divide 2300 GRS.

Second, our Deposit Rewards:

1) The top 3 users with the most amount of GRS deposited will divide 3000 GRS.

2) All other eligible users will divide 1500 GRS.

For more information about this giveaway, please have a look here. Don’t forget to follow all minimum requirements to make sure you will receive your rewards!

All announcements will be posted on our Twitter and Telegram, so make sure you are following us there. We will update on winners and any changes.

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